I am a mother of two beautiful daughters Drianna and Elilah. My Husband, a Pilot, has spent much of my youngest child's life studying and training. During his sporadic absences, I tried my best to record and photograph special moments he was missing. I also wanted to keep him involved as much as possible in our everyday lives. This is obviously difficult due to the rush of everyday life where one cannot remember everything one wants to share. Unfortunately, camcorders and cameras are not always ready when you need them.

Because I wanted to simplify my life in a way that would allow me to share these special moments without compromising my time, I thought of a practical solution.

In September 2011 Kiddie Captions was born. Through our site, parents, like us, can not only capture moments on the go, but we can share and cherish them for years to come. We now have the ability to capture every moment and make it last.

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